Building in the Town of Liberty

Please read these important points before scrolling down to download the Building Permit Application.

All building of roofed structures on a permanent foundation (concrete slab, frost wall, foundation wall, pier, or posts in the ground to the frost line) larger than 100 sq ft. require a Town of Liberty Building Permit (see below) and ultimate approval by the Town Board before construction begins.

If your building project requires a primary, secondary, or more driveway access to a Town road you will need a Driveway Permit. Be aware High Voltage Power and Telecommunications lines run underground near our Town roads. State law mandates that you must call Diggers Hotline (811) before any grading, augering, trenching, driving posts (including ground rods), and excavation work.

If you are building a NEW “primary dwelling” (home or cabin) for full or part-time residence, you must obtain a Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit (PDF download) in addition to the Town of Liberty Permit and contact UDC (Uniform Dwelling Code) State inspector:

State Building Inspector:

Wayne Haugrud - (608) 625- 2661

When you are installing bathroom facilities/septic system and running water you will need a Sanitary Permit. You can contact Vernon County Sanitation Dept. at (608) 637- 5271 for this application.

If you are installing a manufactured home or mobile home you will need to adhere to the Mobile Home Ordinance.

It is advised that you download and read the Town of Liberty Building Permit Ordinance so that you understand the offsets from the right of way (how far from the road) and other property lines your project must be. You must also check with Vernon County as to the floodplain status of your building site and the offset necessary from creeks and dry washes. Note: all questions related to State UDC building codes would be directed to the State Building Inspector, currently Wayne Haugrud.   For Vernon County, contact:

Vernon County Zoning Ordinances

Vernon County Zoning/Sanitary Administrator:

If you have a building project that runs into a conflict with Town Board approval you may request a hearing for Variance at the Town Meeting. For general questions regarding the Permit Application for the Town (not the State of WI UDC permit) or to obtain a paper copy by mail contact:

Town of Liberty Building Permit Agent:

Orlin Engh  -  608.606.5365

If you want to file a building permit application, please complete the form below

PDF Fill-In Form

Download the form before filling in.

When you are finished you may submit your form by mail or via email,

Email your form: 

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Mail your form to:

Orlin Engh

E9364 State Hwy 56,

Viroqua, WI 54665