Liberty Township waste and recycling is open Saturdays from 9am to 3pm. We accept regular weekly trash and co-mingled recycling. Please do not bag your recycling. Directions to Liberty Township waste/recycling site.

Spring & Fall Clean Out Days
Me also have two clean-out days (one in the Spring and one in the Fall). These will be posted at the town waste/recycle center and on the Liberty website calendar.

Recycling Details

Paper, cardboard & cartons (flattened): junk mail/envelops; newspapers; magazines; office paper products; phone books; flattened cardboard; milk/juice cartons; cereal/food/beverage boxes; hardcover books (covers removed); wrapping paper (no ribbon or foil); empty paper towel/toilet paper rolls

Metal (rinsed clean): aluminum/steel cans; aluminum pie tins; empty aerosol cans; clean aluminum foil; small metal appliances; small plumping fixtures & pipes; misc. scrap (limit 2′ x 2x or 35#s); metal pots, pans, & utensils

Plastic Containers (rinsed clean, remove and discard lids/caps): any jugs/bottle marked #1 or #2 (milk, fruit juice, detergent, soda/pop containers)

Glass (rinsed clean, remove and discard lids/caps): brown, green, blue & clear glass bottles & jars. No windows, no ceramics, no light bulbs.

Items we do not accept
Waste oil
E-waste (no electronics)

Please contact GFL in Viroqua (608.637.8010) or the Vernon County Solid Waste and Recycling (608.634.2900) for disposing of items Liberty Township does not accept.