Town of Liberty Board Meeting 

Monday, July 8, 2024

Liberty Town Hall – 6:30 PM E10491 GORE HOLLOW RD VIOLA WI 54664

All items will have discussion and possible action

  1.  Call meeting to order by Chair Engh
  2. Approval of board meeting minutes from June 2024
  3. Treasurer’s report: Chris
  4. Dumpster Monitor’s report: Paul
  5. Equipment and road report-Orlin
  6. First time for public comment- 5 minutes
  7. Town Announcements:
  8. Variance request by Village of Viola for Solar Field
  9. Trip money-definition and how to spend it-Orlin Engh
  10. Building Permit Ordinance update
  11. Vernon County Community Development grants- Chris and Catherine?
  12. Furnace update and deck construction
  13. Unsightly storage on Old 56
  14. Second period for public comment-5 minutes
  15. Approval of monthly bills
  16. Future Agenda items
  17. Next meeting
  18. Adjourn