Town of Liberty Board Meeting Minutes 13 May 2024

Liberty Town Hall

May 13, 2024, 6:30 pm

Board members present:  Chair Orlin Engh, Supervisor Andrian Amelse, Supervisor Bill Townsley,  Treasurer Chris  Abrahamson, Clerk Sharon Engh

  1. The meeting was called to order by Chair Engh at 6:32 pm
  2.  Supervisor Amelse moved that we accept the minutes as written.  Seconded by supervisor Townsley all in favor, motion carried.
  3. Treasurer’s Report:  Chris went over the report and where we are in the budget.  Everything is on file.
  4. Dumpster Monitor’s report:  Paul said that spring clean-up day went real well.  All in good humor.  There were 3 couches and about 60 yards of garbage.
  5. Equipment Report:  Grader needed repairs again, but is now running great.  There will be 26,000 tons of fill being hauled on the Peavine road and Oak Ln.  This is due to the construction on Hwy. SS.  Orlin is working with the construction crew for how the road will be rebuilt when they are done. We put about 1000 yards of gravel on our roads so far and they have been bladed also.
  6. First public comment:  Chris wanted to point out that it was Municipal Clerk appreciation day last week and thanked Sharon for doing her work for the town.
  7. Town Announcements: A flyer was set to the towns to download the County’s Comprehensive  Plan and look it over.  It is online for all to see.Chris reported that the committee for decommissioning the dams met and they are going to have a plan hopefully by June.  Our concerns were conveyed to our representative, and hopefully they will be taken into consideration.  The Epitaph news will be publishing our approved minutes for free each month. Adrian shared some information about the Wisconsin Covert Project.  The following link is here for anyone interested:
  8. Discussion on a violation of the current building permit.  John and Chris La Plant built a garage until stopped by Orlin.  They didn’t know they needed a permit because Matt at the county office said they didn’t need one.  Once they were told differently, they quickly followed the guidelines and paid the money to continue building. Supervisor Amelse moved that Orlin will reach out to Matt at the county zoning office for clarification. Once this is done, Chair Engh can determine if any fines are to be made. Chair Engh seconded, all in favor, motion carried.
  9. Update on Illusion drive.  Kathy along with her daughter, will be sent a letter of reminder to finish the agreed terms of the cleanup-up on her property.  It will be sent by registered mail. 
  10. Chris gave a report on the small bridge and culvert inventory project.  He had a great report which is on file.
  11. Update on new furnace for the Town Hall, there was nothing done on this matter and will be updated in June.
  12. The BOR is now on May 29th, and we will have everyone needed.  The updated ordinance will be accepted in June.
  13. Updates on the building permit and mobile home ordinances. Chris presented the document he worked on and there was much discussion about what needs to be finished.  The final document will be available for the June meeting.  It will be sent to Nikki Swayne before the June meeting; a public meeting of acceptance and questions will be in July.  We will then sign it and put it into action in August. 
  14. There are several trees along all the roads that need to be cut down due to being dangerous.  Most of the are off the right of way and need the permission of the landowner or have the landowner take care of it themselves. 
  15. Second period for public comment:  Mike Mueller had several comments on the building permit and how to word some of the issues. He also recommended a recreational fee for campers and RV’s.  He felt we had some really good discussion going on. Chris wants the board to re-read the multi-Hazard mitigation plan of 2023 so that we can reconsider adopting it.  This will be done at the June meeting. Bill let us know that Scott Lind from KVR got a hold of him about the dark sky ordinance.
  16. Supervisor Amelse moved to pay the monthly bills totaling $14, 810 Supervisor Townsley seconded, all in favor, motion carried.
  17. Future agenda items:  Information about trip money, ordinance updates, acceptance of liquor licenses, new furnace, multi-hazard mitigation. 
  18. Next meeting date is June 10th, at 6:30pm at the Town Hall
  19. Meeting was moved to adjourn by supervisor Amelse, seconded by Chair Engh, meeting adjourned by 8:53 pm.