Town of Liberty Board Meeting 13 May 2024

Monday, May 13, 2024 Liberty Town Hall – 6:30 PM E10491 GORE HOLLOW RD VIOLA WI 54664 All items will have discussion and possible action
      1. Call meeting to order by Chair Engh
      2. Approval of board meeting minutes from April 2024
      3. Treasurer’s report: Chris
      4. Dumpster Monitor’s report: Paul
      5. Equipment and road report-Orlin
      6. First time for public comment- 5 minutes
      7. Town Announcements:
      8. Issues with building permit needed
      9. Update on Illusion Drive
      10. Bridge Repair report
      11. Update on Town Hall repairs- report on any estimates for furnace
      1. BOR alternatives ordinances
      2. Building Permit Ordinance and Mobile Homes and Manufactured Homes ordinance
      3. Cutting trees along Gore Hollow
      1. Second period for public comment-5 minutes
      2. Approval of monthly bills
      3. Future Agenda items
      4. Next meeting
      5. Adjourn