Town of Liberty Board Meeting 

March 11, 2024

Liberty Town Hall – 6:30 PM E10491 GORE HOLLOW RD VIOLA WI 54664

All items are up for discussion and possible action

    1.  Call meeting to order by Chair Engh
    1. Approval of board meeting minutes on February 12, 2023
    1. Treasurer’s report: Chris
    1. Dumpster Monitor’s report: Paul
    1. Equipment report: Orlin
    1. First time for public comment- 5 minutes
    1. Town Announcements: Dates for Open Book and Board of Review
    1. Update of legal services with Abt/Swain-Report back on unfinished business of Gore Hollow Rd.
    1. Matthew Albright to talk about Comprehensive plan for the County
    1. Kickapoo referendum information
    1. Terry Theis with Fire Association update
    1. Update on the grant for the road improvement
    1. Update on gravel bids
    1. Updates on bids for wash bay
    1. Updates on the ordinances that need updates
    1. Update for the future road work meeting
    1. Lock box situation at the bank
    1. Discuss storage containers
    1.  Second period for public comment-5 minutes
    1. Approval of monthly bills
    1. Future Agenda items
    1. Next Meeting
    1. Adjourn