June 8, 2020 Regular Board Meeting Agenda

(immediately following annual meeting which begins at 6:00pm)
Viola Fire Station Conference Room 

  1.   Call meeting to order and Pledge of Allegiance-Chairman Terry Theis presiding
  2.   Read & approve minutes of 5/11/2020 meeting
  3.   Treasurer’s report
  4.   Patrolman's report
  5.   First period for public comment (limit of 5 minutes)
  6.   Town Announcements
  7.   Action on liquor license renewals for 2020-2021
  8.   Discussion with possible action on website updates
  9.   Update on dust control options with possible action
  10.   Updates to Driveway permit ordinance with possible action
  11.   Action & approval on monthly bills
  12.   Review of building permits (if any)
  13.   Second period for public comment (limit of 5 minutes)
  14.   Future agenda items?
  15.   Adjourn