November 11, 2019 Budget Hearing and Regular Board Meeting Agenda




Monday, November 11, 2019 

Liberty Town Hall – 6:30 P.M. 

Action may be taken on any of the following items 

  1. Call Public Hearing to order – Chairman Terry Theis presiding.

  2. Affirm proper public notice of Public Hearing & review of budget

  3. Hear any public comments/questions

  4. Adjourn public hearing.


  1. Call Special Town meeting of Electors to order – Chair Terry Theis

  2. Adopt 2019 tax levy (to be paid in 2020) pursuant to Sec. 60.10(1)(a) of WI Stats.

  3. Adjourn Special town meeting of Electors.


  1. Call regular town meeting to order & pledge of allegiance – Chairman Terry Theis

  2. Read & approve minutes of October 14th and October 24th meetings

  3. Treasurer’s report

  4. Patrolman's report

  5. First period for public comment (limit of 5 minutes)

  6. Town Announcements

  7. Discussion with possible action on sale of property- Gabe Williams

  8. Discussion on transportation grant with possible action

  9. Discussion with possible action on bank loan for capital expenditures

  10. Adopt 2020 budget

  11. Discussion with possible action on fire contract

  12. Review of draft zoning ordinance with possible action

  13. Discussion with possible action on Chadwick Hollow Road engineering costs and road maintenance

  14. Action & approval on monthly bills

  15. Approval on building permits (if any)

  16. Second period for public comment (limit of 5 minutes)

  17. Future agenda items?

  18. Adjourn