August 12, 2019 Regular Board Meeting Agenda



Monday, August 12, 2019 at 6:30 pm

Liberty Town Hall

  1. Calls meeting to order & Pledge of Allegiance -Chairman Terry Theis presiding
  2. Read & approve minutes of 07/15/2019 meeting
  3. Treasurer’s report
  4. Patrolman's report
  5. First period for public comment (limit of 5 minutes)
  6. Town Announcements
  7. Discussion/update on Town Insurance coverage – Kevin Bluske,Rural Insurance
  8. Reconsideration of ATV ordinance for Town Roads
  9. Discussion on road rating
  10. Discussion with possible action on Elk Run road work
  11. Discussion on Gore Hollow Hill and general road maintenance issues
  12. Approval of Vernon County flood recovery assistance grant agreement
  13. Emergency plan for Town Officials/employees
  14. Discussion on capital equipment replacement plan
  15. Discussion with possible action on local control options for cell towers
  16. Update from Zoning Committee
  17. Action & approval on monthly bills
  18. Review of building permits (if any)
  19. Second period for public comment (limit of 5 minutes)
  20. Future agenda items?
  21. Adjourn