Meeting Minutes, April 17 2019


April 17, 2019

Chairman Terry Theis called the monthly meeting of the Town of Liberty to order at 7:30 pm. on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at the Liberty Town Hall following the Town Annual meeting and proceeded with the Pledge of Allegiance. Members present were Terry Theis, Nicole Rakobitsch, Treasurer Karen Peterson and Clerk Lori Polhamus. Supervisor Adrian Amelse was excused.

2. Oath of Office for Board Members elected at 4/2/2019 Election – Clerk Polhamus administered the oath of office to the members present.

3. Clerk Lori Polhamus read the minutes of the March 11, 2019 regular town meeting. Motion by Rakobitsch/second by Theis to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as read. All in favor. Motion carried.

4. Treasurer’s report. (report attached) Peterson read the Treasurer’s report. Beginning cash balance as of 3/1/19 was $13,007.02 and an ending cash balance as of 3/31/19 of $20,213.09 was reported. Interest year to date on the General Fund was $5.58 and interest earned year to date on the Tax Account was $38.38. There is $75,261.49 available in the tax account.

5. Patrolman's Report– The roads are drying out and we exceeded the amount of gravel on Chadwick Hollow because of flood control out of Viola. The Elk Run road culvert will be put in soon. The truck electrical problem seems to be fixed. Orlin was asked to obtain an estimate for the hydrolic work on the truck that is needed for the next meeting.

6.First Period for public comment – None

7.Town Announcements- Construction on the Bishop Branch bridge on Hwy 56 is slated to start in 2023 per the Department of Transportation and there will be detours. Town Official workshops are on May 16thin Tomah if interested. The local meeting of the Towns Association will be on 4/25 at the Courthouse in Viroqua. Annual convention is Oct 13-15 in Wisconsin Dells. There is a construction trailer being delivered tomorrow for a bridge replacement in the Town of Webster and they will be paying us $500 to keep it at the Town Shop. Road bans will come off early next week. Clean Sweep will be May 11that the Vernon County landfill.

8.Award of gravel bid – we received one bid from Kraemer Company of $9.59 per cubic yard or $7.10 per ton. Motion by Rakobitsch/second by Theis to approve the gravel bid from Kraemer Company. All in favor. Motion carried.

9.Discussion with possible action on future plans for Gore Hollow Hill – Theis contacted the Towns Association regarding the closure of a road and there is an eight page document that he will forward to the board for their review. We will need a local attorney to help draft some of the documents needed. Orlin reviewed the amounts for maintenance of the hill during the winter months of December through April and also April to December. Winter maintenance totaled $10,627.44 and summer maintenance was $2,052.08 for a grand total of $12,679.52 for just the hill in an average year. This amount would increase if it required more than one round of maintenance. The winter could be two to three rounds of maintenance adding to the cost. If the hill is closed a 65 foot turnaround would be needed. The previous quotes on seal coat were also discussed. The residents in attendance from Gore Hollow were in favor of closing the hill as the Town does not have the resources to continue maintaining the hill in the long term and could use the resources elsewhere. Motion by Rakobitsch/second by Theis to move forward with exploring the possibility of closing the Gore Hollow Hill. All in favor. Motion carried.

10.Discussion with possible action on zoning ordinance – this was discussed during the Annual meeting and will be added to the May agenda.

11.Action & Approval on monthly billsMotion by Rakobitsch/second by Theis to approve total bills of $17,396.33 as presented. All in favor. Motion carried.

12.Review of building permits (if any) - None

13.Second period for public comment -None

14.Future agenda items– Recycling ordinance, shining ordinance, zoning committee and dust control

Motion by Rakobitsch/second by Theis to adjourn the meeting at 8:28 pm. All in favor. Motion carried.

Minutes submitted by: Lori Polhamus, Town Clerk