Meeting Notes 6/12/2017


June 12, 2017

Chairman Kevin Dempsey called the monthly meeting of the Town of Liberty to order at 6:00 p.m. on
Monday, June 12, 2017 at the Liberty Town Hall and proceeded with the Pledge of Allegiance. Members
present were Kevin Dempsey, Terry Theis, Adrian Amelse, Treasurer Karen Peterson and Clerk, Lori

2. Clerk read the minutes of the May 8, 2017 regular town meeting. Dempsey clarified under item six
that he had not spoken to Shawna but was told that the DNR had visited them. Motion by Theis/second
by Dempsey to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as clarified. All in favor. Motion

3. Treasurer’s report – Peterson read the Treasurer’s report. Beginning cash balance as of 5/1/17 was
$20,846.14 and an ending cash balance as of 5/31/17 of $17,556.63 was reported. These balances include
a correction from 2016. Interest year to date on the General Fund is $8.18 and interest earned year to
date on the Tax Account is $41.65.

4. Town Announcements – Amelse updated the Board on the Viola Tid meeting and the Go Macro
success story and the housing concerns in our area. Orlin installed the additional culvert on Old 56.

5. Approval of liquor license renewals – Williams Bar LLC – Motion by Amelse/second by Theis to
approve the liquor license renewal for Williams Bar LLC at the current rate. All in favor. Motion

6. Approval of beer license renewal – Viola Sportsman’s Club – Motion by Amelse/second by Theis to
approve the beer license renewal for the Viola Sportsman’s Club at the current rate. All in favor. Motion

7. Property maintenance Mueller property – tire cleanup – Dempsey spoke with the Zoning department
and they cannot do anything about the digging in the waterway and he has had trouble getting through to
the DNR. Orlin received an email from a contact with the DNR and he will follow up with pictures and
info with this contact. Tires are being used for structures also. Amelse will take the pictures to the Land
& Water Conservation committee at the County to add to their agenda and talk with Ben Wojahn to see if
there is anything that can be done through them and report back to the Board. This item was tabled until
the next meeting.

8. Discussion on Assessment service contract for 2018 – Dempsey reviewed a list of Assessors that are
being used in the County. Request for proposals will be sent out. Amelse doesn’t feel a reevaluation is
necessary which would be an increased cost. The RFP should show the cost for record updates, cost if a
revaluation would be required and the cost per year if it is a multiple year contract. We would like to
have them back by October for budgeting and so the Assessor is in place as of January 1 for assessment
purposes. Theis will work on this and send the RFP out with an update at the July meeting.

9. Discussion with possible action on Clerk printer – Motion by Amelse/second by Theis to approve the
purchase of a new printer/copier/scanner and three ink cartridges for a total of $135.00. All in favor.
Motion carried.

10. Discussion on town website options – the domain has been set up. We need to discuss what we want
on it so the Board should review other websites for ideas. This item was tabled until the next meeting.

11. Capital Improvement plan discussion – Amelse would like to send out RFPs to get some options and
numbers for cost. Dempsey stated that Fennimore did new construction which cost $42.00/square foot for the building and did not include design. We would like to send out a survey with the tax bills this year so
having some ideas and cost would be helpful. The Board may contact Gabe Williams to get some ideas

12. Action & Approval on monthly bills – Motion by Amelse/second by Theis to approve total bills of
$5731.48 which includes per diems as presented. All in favor. Motion carried.

13. Review of building permits (if any) – we had permits for a deck, trailer and porch, and a sun & rain
roof. Three notices were sent out for violations for a greenhouse, and two storage sheds.

14. Public comments – Matt Hajzl questioned the letter he received regarding a storage shed which he stated is not on his property. He will address the Board once they receive the letter he sent to them in the mail on this matter.

15. Future agenda items – Matt Hajzl handed out copies of three items he would like addressed at the
August meeting. Other items were addressed within these minutes.
Motion by Theis/second by Amelse to adjourn the meeting at 7:11 p.m.

Minutes submitted by: Lori Polhamus, Town Clerk